Numerical Simulation Methods

Comments for the 2019 class

6月12日 (第1週)


6月19日 (第2週)

8回終了後に、やったことをjupyter notebookファイル(あるいはコード付きpdf文書)として提出してもらうので、自分用のnotebookを使って、やったことをメモしていく。(pythonの文法メモなどを含んでいてもよい。)

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(参考: 今年は、前項を重視し、以下は参考とします。)

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Q & A


I. Introduction


jupyter notebookファイルをダウンロードするときには、IEではなく、ChromeかFirefoxを使ってください。

If you use Internet Explorer (IE), you would fail to download jupyer notebook files (*.ipynb). IE recognizes them as an unknown file type and so add some html modifiers to the html files when it saves them. So, I recommend you to use other Web browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.

II. Numerical Methods

1.Numerical Methods 1: Introduction


Online text, jupyter notebook (ipynb) (last updated on 2019-06-26)

2. Numerical Methods 2: Analysis of Chaotic Behavior of ODE

(6/26, 7/3)

Online text jupyter notebook (ipynb) (last updated on 2019-06-29)

3. Mathematical modeling and Analysis: cooperative phenomena in dynamical systems


Online text, jupyter notebook

4. Modeling 2 (Reaction-diffusion system as a model described by partial differential equations)


Online text, jupyter notebook


Simulation for Stochastic Models


1. "An Introduction to Computer Simulation Methods" 3rd ed. Harvey Gould, Jan Tobochinik and Wolfgang Christian (Pearson, Addison Wesley, 2005), of which the newest draft can be obtained from Source codes are available from JAVA Documents of "OSP" exported from its source are in (You can make this document from the osp source by using "eclipse". See the bottom of ospLib.html)

2. 「非平衡系の物理学」(太田隆夫、裳華房)